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Equestrian Master
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Equestrian Master

EquestrianMaster for Windows ME/2000/XP
EquestrianMaster for Windows ME/2000/XP

Features of EquestrianMaster

    • Allows you to manage your client details
    •     Historical record of attendance
    •      Print form letters
    •     Mailing labels
    •     Indemnities
    •     Purchases
    •     Invoicing
    •      Price lists
    • Allows you to manage your horses
    •     Workload
    •     Incidents
    •     Feed regimes
    •     Training
    • Allows you to manage your assets
    •     Register
    •     Maintenance
    •     Value
    • Allows you to manage incidents
    •     Register
    •     Insurance reports
    •     Summary statistics
    • Allows you to record staff induction and training
    •     Details
    •     Training
    •     Reports
    • Has multiple report formats
    • Operates on Windows Windows98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, WindowsXP, Macintosh, networks,



When you purchase EquestrianMaster you own it. All the flexibility you need has been built in. While support is available, in essence you need nothing more than the software and the manual to get started.

Software Platform

The operating system has been built using Blyth Software's 4GL database, Omnis 7.3. Omnis 7.3 has an integrated development environment which allows the building of cross-platform applications for Macintosh, Windows 3.1, Windows95, Windows NT, OS/2 and Unix. It has its own data manager and can connect to all major SQL interfaces.


System Overview

File Structure

You can create as many records as your hardware will allow.  New files can be set up for different parts of your business.


EquestrianMaster has all the flexibility you need to manage different client groups.  


Horse details are entered and then training records, feed regimes and treatment records can be managed and reported on.


Assets are recorded and maintained.  A maintenance schedule can be printed and records of maintenance carried out reported on.


Incident Register

Record your incidents to help fight claims and better manage your business safety.

System Requirements

IBM or compatible

    • 486 DX or higher
    • Windows 98 or higher
    • Mouse
    • 8 megabytes of RAM
    • 8 megabytes of Hard disk space
    • Laser Printer


    • System 8 or higher
    • 8 megabytes of RAM
    • 8 megabytes of Hard disk space
    • Laser Printer


What You Get

  1. Application file for EquestrianMaster
  2. Runtime Omnis
  3. Comprehensive Instruction manual
  4. Manual on line
  5. 1 hour of telephone support
  6. Software that allows you to control your business
  7. A commitment to provide free updates for the first year of ownership
  8. A commitment to listen to suggested improvements and make them available to all owners of EquestrianMaster if implemented. ( additional fees may apply after the 1st year of ownership)