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Features of SurveyMaster

  • Allows you to create your own surveys

  • Has enormous user defined demographics

  • Gives limitless ability to write questions

  • Has 30 multiple scale formats

  • Prints questionnaires ready for clients to complete

  • Automatically produces web form surveys ready to be published to your web site

  • Automatically produces telephone or key punch data entry set-ups

  • Data input and control of NSC scanners

  • Has data entry and error checking

  • Surveys completed over the Internet are imported into the survey file

  • Has multiple report formats

  • Uses descriptive, eye-catching reports/graphs

  • Can generate file reports for manipulation in word processing and

  • graphing programs

  • Gives you at least 5 direct comparisons between surveys

  • Allows an unlimited number of different surveys to be set-up

  • Operates on Windows Windows95, Windows NT, Macintosh, networks, etc.


When you purchase SurveyMaster you own it. All the flexibility you need has been built in. While support is available, in essence you need nothing more than the software and the manual to get started.

Software Platform

The operating system has been built using Blyth Software's 4GL database, Omnis 7.3. Omnis 7.3 has an integrated development environment which allows the building of cross-platform applications for Macintosh, Windows 3.1, Windows95, Windows NT, OS/2 and Unix. It has its own data manager and can connect to all major SQL interfaces.


System Overview

File Structure

You can create as many surveys as your hardware will allow. Just as in a word processing application you create documents, SurveyMaster creates new data files for each survey with no software limit as to the number of surveys you can set up.


SurveyMaster has a 40 table structure for demographics with each of the 40 tables allowing up to 255 descriptors in each. Single value fields such as postcode and age can be added beyond these 40 tables to give an extensive ability to define your target group.

(These tables are not pre-set; you can design any tables you need!)


Each data file can contain 5 questionnaires for historical comparison. When the 1st questionnaire has been defined it can be copied automatically. Data entry is also automatically set when you define the questionnaire. The number of questions you can have in any questionnaire is unlimited by the software. There are over 30 different scale types (reusable) available for every question format!

Your questionnaires can be printed by the system ready for respondents to complete.

(This print example has been scaled down to fit into this presentation. SurveyMaster printing will print to the capability of your printer)


Version 7 of SurveyMaster allows you also to publish your questionnaire as a web page survey complete with a Submit button.

Data Entry

For each question you can define the order in which it appears, the answer scale (20 available for each question), whether to print an example, further instructions, section break, page break or the printing of scale headings. For each question you can define the headings on the scale you choose.

Data can be entered by key punching, telephone interview, personal interview, respondent entered or scanning. Error checking is available on nearly all questions (comments and date formats excluded). Find, edit, delete functions are available on entered data.

Externally indexed files (eg customer demographics) can also be imported to enhance data entry capabilities.

Version 7 of SurveyMaster allows respondents to complete the questionnaire over the Internet and submit the results back to your data file.

Data Analysis

The power of SurveyMaster is demonstrated most in its output stage. The system can produce automatic totals reports to printer, graph and file formats (all 3 at once if needed). The definable searches can be set to run at a later time. Each search is saved as a record and can be run many times. Multiple search criteria can be set and search headings print onto reports and graphs for easy identification.

System Requirements

IBM or compatible

  • 486 DX or higher

  • Windows 3.1 or higher

  • Mouse

  • 8 megabytes of RAM

  • 8 megabytes of Hard disk space

  • Laser Printer


  • System 6.03 or higher

  • 8 megabytes of RAM

  • 8 megabytes of Hard disk space

  • Laser Printer


SurveyMaster software has been developed as a tool for this purpose with the following benefits in mind:

  • Better able to meet and predict client needs

  • Able to conduct your own research, when you need it

  • Gives you more control when wanting to generate more detailed information

  • Better able to contain consultancy costs for research efforts

  • Quality accreditation monitoring easily conducted

What You Get

  1. Application file for SurveyMaster

  2. Runtime Omnis 7.3.81

  3. 4 surveys set up and ready to run (customer, product, staff and training)

  4. Comprehensive Instruction manual

  5. Manual on line

  6. 1 hour of telephone support

  7. Software that allows you to control your research initiatives

Demonstration Software

There are two types of files available to down load. The full Demonstration tools (5.1mg) or the PowerPoint slide show.

or run the slide show now online!

On line Slide Show

Click here for the Full Windows95/98/2000/ME/XP demonstration file (5.1mg)

THIS FILE IS 'ZIPPED' After downloading SurveyMasterDemoetup.exe, double click on the file and it will expand to create a directory called SurveyMasterDemo. This version is fully functional but limited to 50 records. 

Also in the directory is a Acrobat 3 format SurveyMasterManual.pdf which provides technical assistance for using SurveyMaster. Acrobat reader can be down loaded by clicking here Acrobat Reader 3

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